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Partlow Interactions Re-Brands

Partlow Interactions’ Managing Director, James Partlow IV, and the Partlow Interactions (PI) team celebrated the company’s the second anniversary. During the celebration, Partlow Interactions’ Managing Director, James Partlow, reflected over the past two years of service.   “Today is a true celebration not just because of two years of profitable business… it is a celebration…

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Do looks really matter? (Designing Brand Identities)

Who are you? Think about it. It’s a powerfully complex question. When asked that question, most likely your immediate response is something along the lines of “I’m Stella”  or “I’m <insert name here>”. Maybe it’s followed by a brief explanation of your specific relationship, like “Dan’s friend” or “your sister-in-law”. But you are more than your…

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Do Emojis Belong in Your Brand Messaging?

  Lately there’s been a lot of focus on the bright yellow faces that hide beneath our standard mobile keyboards. Emojis are taking center stage in the world of digital content, and brands are taking notice. So much so that they’re being used in content and brands are even creating their own unique emoji keyboards. Because…

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6 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

Today’s customers have a shortened attention span, so what are you doing to keep their attention? How are you making an emotional connection with your customers? Below you will find 6 ways to make your customers fall in love with your brand: The infographic below from One Deep Design gives you 6 ways to make…

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How to Profit from Your Blog

About to give up blogging? Or…. Are you going to continue but you’re not sure how to get a great return for the time you put in? You can make money with a blog… Do you want to know some ways on how to make money blogging? … read on! Why Do You Need to Have…

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Five ways to measure your content marketing

Jordan Berg is a Founding Partner at Questus, a digital advertising agency with offices in New York, San Francisco and Brea. Content marketing is rapidly gaining momentum in the advertising world for a number of reasons: It allows brands to provide value to customers and prospects more authentically than a 30-second commercial. It positions the…

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9 Things Social Media Marketers Need to Know

The reason that Mary Meeker’s yearly Internet Trends report is so legendary among savvy marketers is that it covers everything you need to know about…well…the internet.  From national demographics to buying behaviors and social trends, this 196 page report has become a staple on the digital marketer’s reading list. Because social marketing is the name of my game, I…

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Your business doesn’t need an app

When it comes to mastering the mobile arena, brands always start by asking the following question: is a responsive site going to do the job, or should I create an app? The answer is quite simple; if an app won’t offer users added value or an enhanced experience that otherwise wouldn’t be available (through a…

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